Our Story


 Hi, we are DOPLNOK.

Pronounced "dough-pl-knock", our brand name is inspired from a Slovak term meaning that which completes or enhances another. Think of us an extension of your own values and commitment for a greener, better and a happier tomorrow. 

When we started DOPLNOK in 2018, there were essentially only two organic bedding options available in the market – cheap organic sheets being sold on popular Internet marketplaces or expensive organic bedding brands selling sheet sets for over $250. We wanted to usher in a third option for customers where they could shop the same exquisite high-quality organic bedding for a price that was more affordable and fair. 

Our products are Fair Trade Certified™ and made by workers who are treated as family and paid fair wages. For every Fair Trade Certified™ product sold, workers earn premiums to invest in social development projects such as clean water, education and healthcare. We believe that when you give people an opportunity to explore and invest in a better future, the result is a healthier workforce and ultimately higher quality goods. Safe working conditions and no child labor form an integral part of our social criteria ecosystem. Our Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certification ensures that every stage of production life cycle is strictly monitored to ensure that no harmful chemicals and toxic dyes are either used in the manufacturing process or discarded into the environment as a waste by-product.

Impeccable quality, transparency and sustainability are three on which DOPLNOK stands proud and we hope you enjoy the experience of using our products as much as we have enjoyed creating them for you.  

- KV Mann

  Co-Founder At DOPLNOK

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