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✅ Creating a powerful resume for your ideal role

✅ Nailing your interview preparations

✅ Crafting professionally written formal work emails

✅ Delivering persuasive business presentations at work

✅ Enhancing the productivity of team meetings

✅ Handling customer inquiries with assurance

✅ Driving sales with effective communicatio

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Interview prep, resume creation, writing work emails, giving office presentations, making sales calls and much more!

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Feature The English Monk App Logo Udemy Courses YouTube Videos
Focus Area Exclusive to essential job skills General, includes various topics Extremely varied, all kinds of content
Personalized Feedback From industry experts, tailored to individual needs Limited, often through Q&A sections or not personalized Rarely available, mostly general audience focused
On-Demand Business Skills Training Complete "all in one place" curriculum covering essential business skills Courses on specific topics, not always interconnected Varied content, lacks structured business curriculum
Interactive Community Feature Monk Chat® to connect with other candidates and users around the world for networking, problem-solving, and experience sharing Community features vary by course Limited community interaction, not focused on networking
Assessment of Skills Exams to assess proficiency in business skills Some courses offer exams or quizzes Rarely offer structured assessments
Certification Blockchain-based, tamper-proof certificates that employers can verify Certificates of completion, varies by course No official certifications
Course Creation Process Developed by industry experts with hands-on business experience Mix of professionals and hobbyists in various fields Varied, often not verified experts
Dedicated Mobile Appe Specific to business skills development Broad, not tailored to specific skill sets Non-tailored, informal learning
Pricing Single affordable low price that includes all essential modules Per course pricing, subscriptions available Free, ad-supported or premium memberships
Employer Recognition High due to verifiable, blockchain-based certification Varies with employer recognition Generally not recognized by employers

Voices of Success

I downloaded the app to brush up on my English but ended up with a treasure trove of professional etiquette and communication strategies that propelled me into a leadership role.

Layla A.

Dubai, UAE

I feel more confident than ever in meetings and professional gatherings. Highly recommend to anyone looking to advance in their career!

Maria Gomez

Los Angeles, CA

English Monk's emphasis on professional conduct transformed the way I speak and present myself at work. My colleagues noticed the change, and so did my boss!

Samir Duggal

Mumbai, India

As a recent graduate, I found The English Monk App incredibly useful for preparing for the corporate world. The real-world scenarios and practical assessments boosted my confidence. I feel much more prepared and skilled. This app is a must for job aspirants.

Emma Nguyen

Sydney, Australia

Real game-changer for me has been the presentation skills training. As someone who always dreaded public speaking, I found the step-by-step guidance and expert tips on controlling my nervousness to have tremendously boosted my confidence.

Hannah Lee

Toronto, Canada

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